When it comes to choosing a suitable cream to give your skin the glow or to get rid of uneven skin tone or undesired skin condition, you would not want to pick a lightening cream that would not be harsh on your skin or produce undesired results and more so, you would love a cream without hydroquinone (A white crystalline strongly reducing phenol used in medicine to remove pigmentation from hyperpigmented areas of skin and for some other purposes including photography and as an anti-oxidant and stabiliser. Hydroquinone bleaches the skin by decreasing the amount of melanocytes on it; melanocytes make melanin which tones the skin to whatever complexion be it fair, dark, white or chocolate).

Why choose a lightening creams without hydroquinone?

Almost everything that happens has a reason for its happening no matter how  little it may seem, the same can be said for not using a cream with hydroquinone. Hydroquinone has several effects on skin ranging from skin dryness, burning, skin redness and stinging. Also it causes cracks and bleeding and blisters or oozing. All these effects tends to overshadow its main purpose of lightening.

Choosing a lightening cream without hydroquinone

As it is, the market is really large and it could be frustrating to get the right whitening creams that suits you but not to worry; in this article, top 15 best lightening creams without hydroquinone have been compiled for you, so no need to do the math, just choose from the list.

Below, you will find 15 lightening creams that will surely nourish and supply your skin with all that is necessary to bring out its aura and they are hydroquinone free! Some are for a large variety of skin types while others are for a specific skin type and tone; the below list does not rank any of the following products but places them in a random order but surely, they are the very best you can get in the market.

1. Nivea fairness

Skin type: All

This body lotion is another wonderful package from Nivea, which is very amazing in the sense that it comes with a variety of skin type ranging from normal to dry skin, sensitive, mature, blemished or even oily. It offers an even tone to your skin keeping it in a perfect glowy appearance.

2. Bismid whitening cream

This cream comes for all skin type, no matter your colour, this whitening cream got you covered.

Composition: pure shea butter, lemon powder, carrot seed oil, licorice extract, chamomile essentil oil, vitamin B3.

3. Civant Meladerm

This is a first choice all skin type non-hydroquinone lightening cream.

Key ingredients: vitamin B3 ( cell- communicating and skin brightening) glycerin, licorice, vitamin C, sym white, kojic acid.

4. Caro white

Caro white is one of the leading whitening cream which one can get at a cheap and affordable price in super marketsand retail outlets. It is a special formula for fair skin type and richly suppllies carotene to the skin. One major active ingredients in caro white lightening cream is the carrot oil.write

5. Fair and brite

Lotus herbal white glThis is another amazing lightening cream for all skin type. It helps in hydration and lightening and also maintains and even radiant complexion.

6. Lotus herbal white glow

A lightening cream mostly made out of nature, if you ever think of going natural then this brand of lotus cream is the right one for you. It contains powerful extracts that takes care of lightening and soothing your skin.

Active ingredients: grape extract, bear berry extract, and green tea extract.

7. Medic C-tetra cream

A cream composed of vitamin C serum. This protects skin against various environmental effects and sunlight. It is a wonderful mixture to reduce appeaeance of spots and perfect for those with uneven skin tone.

Skin type: dark

8. Pixi vitamin C tonic

Cream formulated with vitamin C to promote healthy collagen production and produce an illuminating skin.

9. Antipodes manuka honey

This lightening cream is majorly meant for the acne prone skin and basically adults or aged ones. It also mainly composed of natural ingredients.

Active ingredients: mamaka black fern, manuka honey.

10. Intraceutical opulence

This is a cream for all skin types (sensitive, mature, oily, dry, normal). It gives brightening and anti-wrinkle and provides an even skin tone.

11. Jergens fairness

For the tired and dry skin. It is a fair and soft moisturizer which lightening skin. It gives sun protection with the aid of SPF-20 and provides gentle exfoliation to dry and sun-tamed skin

12. Zeta white

Specifically blended for people with fair skin and comeswith no hydroquinone. Lightens dark patches. It is suited for a sensitive skin and gives a more radiant and fairer complexion.

13. SK – II cellumination

It deeply hydrates and makes an even skin and boosts the skins luminosity. With this cream there is no dulling for your skin, and appearance of dark spot are greatly diminished to give a perfect glow.

14. Olay natural white

A natural blend of ingredients focused at giving your skin that stand out appearance. It lightening overall skin tone and during sleep time, it reduced melanin transfer to the skin surface. It keeps the skin well moisturised, helps in cell renewal (skin cells) and reduced the appearance of dark spots.

15. Carotone

Lastly but not the least is carotone whitening cream. It is a very popular cream in the market and pocket friendly but still gives your skin the optimum results you desire. Carotone gives a beautiful glow to your skin and helps provided deeply clear and smooth skin. It is very effective during the night, so after that cool bath in the evening, coat your skin evenly with carotene and see how it looks but anyways you still a list of amazing lightening creams to choose from.

There you have it, top 15 lightening cream promised to nourish your skin. As a final note, I strongly recommend you use the soap of a lightening cream along with it; most of the creams on this list have their own brand of bathing soaps. This will go a long way to produce a faster and more desirable result. Also most of these creams works better at night, so it will be helpful to always apply them before going to bed.