Airtel Smart Connect Plan and Migration Code 2022 – Are you an Airtel user and you looking for a way to migrate to the Airtel Smart Connect? Then you’ve landed at the right page. Airtel SmartConnect is one of the most popular and cheap tariff in Nigeria. You’ve probably heard about the Airtel SmartConnect and you’re hoping to join this amazing plan, and you will after reading through this post.

The Airtel SmartConnect is one of the sort after tariff plan in Nigeria. With the SmartConnect Airtel tariff plan, you can enjoy 100% instant bonus on every data bundle purchase, eight (8x) times bonus on every recharge, and cheap rates for both local and international calls. Amazing right? If you’re ready to join this amazing plan, continue reading this post.


About Airtel SmartConnect

The Airtel SmartConnect tariff plan is Airtel’s default plan for every prepaid customer in Nigeria. When you purchase a new Airtel SIM card, you are automatically migrated to the Airtel SmartConnect plan. This amazing plan that offers you numerous bonus for both voice calls and data bundle.

With the Airtel SmartConnect offers its subscribers 700% (8x) bonus on every recharge. Thus bonus includes main balance bonus, voice bonus, data bonus, social bundle bonus, and Family and Friends (FAF) bonus. You can also enjoy instant double data for every data purchase below N5000. If you recharge N100, you will get the following:

N100 main bonus;

N250 voice bonus;

N250 data bonus;

N100 social bonus;

N100 FAF bonus.

Hence in total what you get for your N100 recharge is valued at N800.


Airtel SmartConnect 8X Bonus on Every Recharge

Recharge N100 N200 N300 N500 N1,000
Main Account N100 N200 N300 N500 N1,000
Bonus Voice N300 N600 N900 N1,500 N3,000
Bonus Data N400 N800 N1,200 N2,000 N4,000
Total N800 N1,600 N2,400 N4,000 N8,000


Note: These bonus is valid for 7days only. However, Main Account balance does not expire.


Airtel SmartConnect 100% Data Bonus on Every Data Purchase

Data Bundle Standard Value Bonus Value Validity
N50 40MB 80MB 1 Day
N100 100MB 200MB 1 Day
N200 200MB 400MB 3 Days
N300 350MB 700MB 7 Days
N500 750MB 1.5GB 14 Days
N1,000 1.5GB 3GB 30 Days
N1,500 3GB 6GB 30 Days
N2,000 4.5GB 9GB 30 Days
N2,500 6GB 12GB 30 Days
N3,000 8GB 16GB 30 Days
N4,000 11GB 22GB 30 Days



Benefits of Airtel SmartCONNECT Tariff Plan

The Airtel SmartConnect tariff plan is amazing tariff plan that caters for all your needs (both data and voice calls). And that’s not all, with the Airtel SmartConnect plan, you can enjoy bonus Voice call for 10 family and friends contacts. You can also enjoy 100% data bonus for all your recharge for a particular month at the end of the month.


How to Migrate to Airtel SmartConnect Plan

Are you interested in the Airtel SmartConnect plan? The it’s time for you to migrate to this plan today. To migrate to the SmartConnect plan, purchase and register a new Airtel SIM card. After the registration, insert the SIM card into your phone, recharge the line using the USSD code *126*PIN#, then check your balance with the airtel smart connect code *123#. You’ll see your 700% bonus on the recharge made.


How to Add a Number to Family and Friends (FAF)

To add a number to your family and friends contacts, follow the procedures below:

  • Dial the USSD code *311*2*Airtel number# using your Airtel number
  • For example, *311*2*09092371632#
  • You’ve successfully registered the number on FAF
  • To delete a number from your family and friends list, dial *311*3*Airtel number#
  • For example, *311*3*09092371632#.


Airtel SmartConnect Plan Rate

Main Balance:

  • Airtel to All Local Networks & Top 5 International Destinations: 50 kobo/sec
  • SMS to all Local Networks: N4/SMS
  • International SMS: N15/SMS
  • Data: 5 kobo/KB
  • International Calls to USA, Canada, China, India, UK are Fixed


Airtel to All Local Networks: 60 kobo/sec