WAEC essay questions are questions that need a candidate to answer in writing. it’s against objective questions, where candidates will only need to tick or shade the right answer within the options given.

Below Are The Guides to properly Answer WAEC Essay Questions:

1. Pick the questions you would like to answer before answering them:

It is knowing always pick the questions you plan to answer before answering them. deem instance, if you’re given 5 (five) questions within the essay section, and you’re asked to answer just 3 out of 5, confirm that you simply undergo all the questions first. then, mark the three questions you’ll answer alright . Picking your questions before answering them will prevent you from getting stocked when answering a specific question. it’ll also assist you to save time to review your work later.

2. Take some time to know questions:

Taking some time to know questions is additionally important before answering any WAEC question. it’s been confirmed that the rationale why many students jubilate after taking the WAEC examination; and still fail in their results is that they did not really understand the questions they answered in WAEC.

The truth is that the WAEC examination is getting technical a day. WAEC don’t ask direct questions again. they struggle to twist their inquiries to confirm that candidates really understand the topic where the question was gotten from.

For example, if WAEC wants to know whether a  student really understands a totalitarian government,the question will go thus:

Highlight the key features of totalitarianism?

WAEC won’t ask candidates to define or explain what totalitarianism means because it will be tons easier.

3. Go straight to the point:

One big mistake many candidates make within the WAEC examination is to write down an excessive amount of . Anytime you see any question in WAEC examination, you are not expected to start out explaining redundant information. Go straight to the purpose.

The reason I’m saying this is often because WAEC examination papers aren’t marked by computer or any device, they’re marked by humans. Whenever you explain an excessive amount during a particular question, they could keep your question aside because they need thousands of scripts to mark. Thus, they don’t have time to waste on a specific paper.

More so, if you are trying to not answer an issue directly, you would possibly digress and begin answering the incorrect thing. Trust me: this is often one of the secrets to passing the WAEC examination excellently.

4. Concentrate to the introductory word or phrase of any question:

This is one among the foremost important belongings you should note of when answering WAEC questions. WAEC always  uses some particular words/phrases when asking their questions. a number of these introductory words/phrases are:

  1. Explain.
  2. Briefly explain.
  3. List.
  4. List and explain.
  5. Highlight.
  6. Differentiate.
  7. With the help of a diagram.

In other to obviously understand what of these terms mean, i will be able to explain each of them with examples below. Now here we go!


Whenever you’re asked to elucidate within the WAEC examination, you want to write down everything you recognize about the keyword of the question. In other words, to elucidate is to offer full details of a term.

Let’s take, as an example , if you’re asked to elucidate “Brain drain in Nigeria“, you’re expected to offer the meaning of drain , the causes, effects of drain , and therefore the possible solutions to drain in Nigeria. it’s not a requirement to write down them in several subheadings. you’ll plan to rights them in several paragraphs.

Briefly explain:

To “briefly explain” is different from just explaining. Here, you’re expected to elucidate in only a couple of words. In my very own opinion, any time you’re asked to briefly explain; it shouldn’t be quite 5-6 lines. If you explain an excessive amount of once you are asked to briefly explain, the person marking your script might reduce your score for not obeying that straightforward rule.

Take for instance, if you’re asked to briefly explain what you understand by Democracy. All you’re expected to try to is to define democracy and say the other thing you recognize about democracy.


Students always fail questions that need them to only list. the rationale is that, after listing; they’re tempted to also explain. Whenever you’re asked to list in WAEC, just list your answer which is all.

For example, if you’ve got an issue that says , “List 3 sources of constitution in Nigeria”. Your answer should go this way:

The sources of constitution in Nigeria are:

Custom and tradition.


Judicial president.

If you give your answer this manner , you’ll get your full mark for that question.


To highlight is that the same thing on briefly explain. All you’ve got to try to here is to offer little information about the thing you’re asked. So if you see an issue that says “Highlight the causes of corruption in Nigeria”. All you’ve got to try to to is to briefly explain all the causes of corruption you recognize .


This is another point where candidates often get confused. To differentiate is to spotlight the distinctive qualities or characteristics of to terms. There are just two ways to ways to answer questions asking you to “differentiate” in WAEC.

The first is to draw a vertical line in your answer sheet. Put the 2 terms on different sides of the road and provides their differences. within the second method, simply write down their differences in several paragraphs. Each difference in a paragraph.

With Aid Of Diagram

Lastly one of the phrases used by WAEC when asking questions is with aid of diagram. This is simply saying that you should present you answer in a diagram and not list or explain. You can represent you answers using bar charts, pie charts, pictograms or any type of diagram accustomed to that particular question.

Make sure you practice WAEC past question and answers to know the nature of the exam and what to expect


5. Ensure you writing is neat

When answering the question ensure that your handwriting is clear and neat,. Use the proper paragraphing method, ensure you leave about three spaces before answering another question on the same page, use your punctuation marks well , underline your headings and sub headings and don’t write outside the margins.