It’s a known fact that Nigeria’s electricity is unstable, an inconvenience we’ve been dealing with since time immemorial. We’ve found alternatives like the generator, almost every Nigerian has one in their house.

However, the generator system has a lot of disadvantages, starting with noise and toxic smoke amongst others. The inverter system is reliable alternative power. It converts electricity into power and lightens up your home or office without any noise or pollution.

15 Best Inverters to Buy in Nigeria 2022

If you are looking to understand the attributes of an inverter or you are thinking of getting one, this article would be important to you because we are going to be talking about the best inverters in Nigeria.

1. Foresolar 5kVA/24v Pure Sinewave Inverter

This inverter can conveniently power household items. It is a transformer-based inverter with a LCD display. It has a UPS that allows it switch over in mini-seconds in case of power outage. Although it is quite expensive, its quality is undeniable.

2. APC Home UPS Sinewave Inverter

Manufactured by the Schneider Electric Company, APC Home UPS Sinewave is one of the best inverters in Nigeria. Popular among people that use inverter. It has a maximum power output of 500w and its input voltage window is wide enough to handle frequency even during voltage fluctuation. It comes with both UPS-Inverter switch and Home/Away switch. These switches can act as backup for your battery and also prevent your battery from discharging.

3. Prag Inverter

Prag inverter is a powerful inverter that can be used for your homes, office or industry. It has the about 3.5kVA and can power almost any appliances. It is quiet expensive but that’s because of its value. It comes with a UPS.

4. Microtek Static Converter UPS Sebz Sinewave Technology

This inverter is made by Microtek multinational in Taiwan. It has a very large capacity of 800w and would provide you with an uninterrupted power supply for a long time. This device comes with a warranty of 2 years, it’s noiseless and response almost immediately once the power is out. It comes along with a UPS to aid the switch.

5. Famicare 3.5kVA/24v Pure Sinewave Inverter

This inverter has the ability to cutoff automatically when it’s fully charged. It is noiseless and strong enough to power a lot of home appliances. It uses pure sinewave and a UPS that helps with the smooth transition to electricity. It is a little bit expensive but it would give you a good value.

6. Luminous Zelio 1700 Sinewave Inverter

This is a very popular brand in Nigeria. It is specially made for the Nigerian system. It doesn’t give a lot of problems, can be easily operated and maintained. It is also budget friendly and doesn’t spoil easily. There is a LED display switch attached to the system that makes it indicate the time of the backup power based on the current load usage.

7. Mercury 5kVA/24V Spirit Plus Solar Inverter

Mercury is a very reliable company especially when it comes to making inverters. The inverter is affordable for its spec. It has 5kVA and can last for a long time. It can be used in any kind of office and can run an entire house hold. It doesn’t make noise when in use and it can give you a lot of assurance.

8. Exide 850VA Pure Sinewave Home UPS Inverter

This is one of the most friendly inverters out there, but very reliable. It is manufactured by renowned company that manufactures battery. This inverter has a maximum load of 850w, hence, making it a perfect inverter for Nigerians because of its ability to take a lot of appliances. It comes with a fast UPS switch over and a LCD that displays your percentage load usage and battery power. It has a warranty of 2 years.

9. Ipower X 3kVA/24v Pure Sinewave Inverter

In order to prevent short-circuit and complications from overload, this inverter is designed to go off once the battery is full. It has 3kVA and a UPS to aid the switch once there is power outage. It has a very good quality and performance rating and customers love buying it.

10. Sukam Inverters

Like many other inverters, Sukam is designed for the Nigerian power situation. It runs on pure sinewave. It is strong enough to power most home appliances and also small businesses. It has an output range of 800VA to 5kVA. Its UPS is built in and it kicks in whenever there is a power outage. There are different kinds of Sukam and their prices depend on what you are looking for.

11. Must 3kVA/24v Slim Hybrid Inverter

This inverter is relatively easy to install. It is created to cover the gaps and mistakes of the old inverters. It is light and sleek in nature and also very efficient. It can generate a lot of power for a long period of time and can carry a lot of appliances in the house. Once there is a power outage, the inverter comes on immediately.

12. Felicity Solar Inverter

This is a big inverter that can work for homes, offices and even industries. It can be charged with both electricity and battery. It can convert any kind of power, both high or low frequency into alternative power (AC). It doesn’t make any sound when it’s running.  It is extremely good for your homes or offices.

13. Bluegate 10kVA/ 192V Solar Inverter

The Bluegate solar inverter is one of the largest inverters with big capacity, powerful enough to run big industries for 24 hours. They are a better alternative to big generators because of the pollution that generators emit and this inverter is cheaper than the generators. It makes use of solar energy to charge or it can make use of a power source. It is strong enough to power any house hold equipment.

14. Jumex 3.5kVA/24v Pure Sinewave Inverter

The main features of the Jumex inverter is the 2 configuration AC input priority through the LCD setting. This inverter has up to 5 different charging currents to select from. It is noiseless when in use and it comes with a UPS that aids transition. It is quiet expensive but the qualities are good.

15. Sinergy 3.5kVA/48v Pure Sinawave Inverter

The Sinergy Inverter has a large enough capacity to power house hold appliances. It last for a long time and can made life a lot easier for you. This inverter switches immediately there is a power outage and its noiseless when in use. Although it is expensive.