Buy Data on Airtel: Have you been searching for a good mobile data tariff plan on Airtel? Airtel is one of Nigeria’s biggest Network providers. Airtel offers its customers cheap data tariff plans, cheap call rates to all networks, etc. Mobile data right now is seen as the oxygen of telecommunication, data bundles can be used to download music and videos, send text messages, make online video and voice calls within and outside the country. The demand for cheap data plans in Nigeria is high and the competition is fierce.

Airtel offers its customers good cheap data plans, read through today’s article to learn how to Buy Data on Airtel 2022, we will show you the best tariff plan to migrate and subscribe to.

Airtel Nigeria offers different types of data plan for different tariff plan available on the network. We will show you the best plan to subscribe to, to get the best data plan offers.

Airtel data bundle plans range from daily plans to weekly, monthly and yearly data plans. Airtel has been a network provides many data lovers lean-to when it comes to cheap data and fast network.

Airtel data plans are cheap and affordable, Airtel also offers its customers bonus and incentives on every data purchase. Depending on your particular need Airtel has the perfect tariff plan for you.

Have you been looking for the best Airtel data plan to subscribe to? Search no more, you’ve arrived at the right place, we will show you all the available Airtel data plans, how to migrate to the plan and all the cheap data subscription shortcodes.


Available Airtel Tariff plan

Below is a list of Airtel tariff plans available on the network, and how to migrate to the plan;


1. Airtel smartCONNECT

Airtel SmartCONNECT is a default bonus plan for all new prepaid customers. Airtel smartCONNECT offers 100% bonuses on every recharge.

This plan is for all new Airtel customers, buy and register a new Airtel prepaid sim to enjoy the following benefits;

  • Get a 200% bonus on all your recharges of N200 and above.
  • For every N200 recharge, you get 15Mb weekly free data.
  • For every recharge of N200 and above, you get a bonus of N300 weekly for Family and friends.
  • Get bonus airtime of N800 for every N100 Recharge
  • Get bonus airtime of N1600 for every N200 recharge
  • Get bonus airtime of N4000 for every N500 recharge
  • Get a bonus of N8k for every N1000 recharge.
  • Get 7 hours FREE night calls from 11 pm to 6 am.


How to Migrate to Airtel Smart connect

To migrate to the Airtel SmartConnect, all you need is to buy a new Airtel prepaid SIM and activate it.


2. Airtel smartPREMIER

Airtel smartPREMIER plan offers its customers 40k/sec charge for the 1st minute of every day to both local and international calls. The remaining minutes are charged at the rate of 11k/sec.

Airtel smart Premier also offers free airtime and a data bundle for every recharge.

Airtel smartPREMIER has two types of plans, the Smart premier platinum and the Smart premier plus.


How to migrate to Airtel SmartPREMIER

Dial *470# to migrate to the Airtel SmartPremier tariff plan.


3. Airtel smartTALK 2.0

Airtel smartTALK offers its customers a cheap voice call plan at the rate of 11k/sec and 20k/sec for calls to the USA, China, Canada, and the UK. An access fee charge of N6 will be paid on your first call of the day.


How to migrate to Airtel Smart Talk

Dial *315# to migrate to Airtel Smart talk 2.0 tariff plan.


4. Airtel smartTRYBE

The Airtel smartTRYBE plan is one of the cheapest plans in Nigeria. With voice calls at the rate of 11k/sec to all networks and a bonus of 15Mb for every N200 recharge.

Airtel smart trybe offers its customers a cheap data bundle plan. You get 1.5GB for N500 and also 250Mb for N25 and 500Mb for N50 at midnight (night plan from 12 am to 5 am)


How to migrate to Airtel smartTRYBE

Dial *312# to migrate to Airtel smartTRYBE tariff plan.


5. Airtel SmartVALUE

The Airtel smartVALUE tariff plan offers its customers 15k/sec call rate to all networks (no access fee) and 20k/sec for calls to the USA, China, Canada, India and UK.


How to migrate to Airtel SmartValue

Dial *314# to migrate to Airtel SmartValue tariff plan,


6. Airtel SmartTRYBE Junior

The SmartTRYBE Junior is a plan made specifically for children. It has an App feature and makes learning fun for kids.

With the SmartTRYBE Junior, your kid will enjoy;

  • 10% bonus on every recharge
  • 100% data bonus on every data purchase from 200MB and above.
  • Free voice calls and SMS to both Mom and Dad

How to migrate to Airtel SmartTRYBE Junior

Dail *317# to migrate to the Airtel SmartTRYBE Junior plan.


Airtel Data Plan subscription Codes

Airtel Nigeria offers its customers cheap data plans and fast network service. Still, searching for that perfect data bundle plan to subscribe to? Then let’s show you the best plans to pick from;

N50 for N40MB – 1 day – *141*50#

N100 for 100MB – 1 day – *141*100#

N200 for 200MB – 3 days – *141*200#

N1500 for 6GB – 7 Days – *141*1504#

N1,000 1.5GB – 30 Days – *141*1000#

N1,200 2GB – 30 Days – *141*1200#

N1,500 3GB – 30 Days – *141*1500#

N2,000 4.5GB – 30 Days – *141*2000#

N2,500 6GB – 30 Days – *141*2500#

N3,000 8GB – 30 Days – *141*3000#

N4,000 11GB – 30 Days – *141*4000#


How to Buy Data Bundle on Airtel Network

Airtel Nigeria has different types of data bundle plans and each has its activation code and requirements. Below are types of Airtel data plans and subscription codes.


1. Airtel Binge Plans

The Airtel Binge plans are mainly for your heavy data requirements, like online video streaming, downloads, etc. Data bundles you can get with the Airtel Binge plan.

  • Get 1GB for N300 daily, Dial *141*354#
  • Get 2GB for N500, duration 2days, Dial *141*504#
  • Get 6GB for N1500, duration 7 days, Dial *141*1504#


2. The Airtel Weekly Plans

The Airtel Weekly plan offer ranges from 7 days to 14 days, offers you can get with the Airtel weekly plan.

  • Get 750MB for N500, duration 14 days, Dial “141*500#
  • Get 350MB for N300, duration 7days, Dial *141*300#
  • Get 1GB for N500, duration 7days, Dial *141*502#


3. The 2G Pack

The Airtel 2G pack offers a cheap data bundle to 2G network users. Features of the Airtel 2G pack includes;

  • Get 1GB for N200, duration 10days, Dial *482*1#
  • Get 3GB for N500, duration 25 days, Dial *482*2#.


4. Airtel Night plan

Airtel Nigeria offers cheap data plan to its users at night. Get data as cheap as N25 for 250MB and N50 for 500MB. This service is only available from 12 am to 5 am! You can subscribe multiple times to meet your data requirement.

N/B: This plan is only available to smart trybe subscribers.

Having gone through this post, I’m sure you have chosen the perfect Airtel data plan you need. Now you can go ahead and buy data on Airtel 2022. To get steady updates on any information on the Airtel network, kindly drop your phone number or email address below in the comment box and you’ll be notified of any updates available, also BOOKMARK our page to avoid missing out on any new update.

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