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How to Edit NPower Profile on NASIMS portal

In this article, I will show you how to edit NPower profile easily. The N-Power program provides unemployed Nigerian youth with a temporary job opportunity. NPower recruitment program has created multiple jobs and enacted a variety of skills for the beneficiaries. With an aim and purpose for economic growth and development. The program provides opportunities […]

How to download NPower biometric app

Did you know that the NASIMS Biometric Enrollment Application can be downloaded straight from the portal? Carefully read through this post to get all the details you need to know about downloading and installing the app. You would also find related links and answers to some of the frequently asked questions by most of the […]

How to collect your NPower deployment letter

Have you been shortlisted and searching for how to get/download your N-power deployment letter? Continue reading to get information in all you need to know to access your deployment letter. The N-power deployment Letter is available for download and printing at the N-Power scheme portal under the candidate’s dashboard. All Successful beneficiaries of the N-power […]

How to Change NPower Email Address on Npower Portal

If your profile details are incorrect, you may not be able to receive e-mails, monthly payments, and additional updates on your personal N-power profile page. This post contains comprehensive outlines on how to update your N-power Profile Information – Change Name, Phone number, or email address, add Bank Account details among others. Please note that […]