This post contains details on how to check your N-power Batch C Deployment Status through the official portal of the N-power scheme,

This post is aimed at helping the multitude of Nigerian youths searching for ways to empower themselves through the N-power scheme. A lot of people have fallen victim to corrupt officials and external personnel who claim to be helping the youths.

One of the indications that you may use to identify a fraudulent activity is that most of them ask their beneficiaries to send certain amounts of money as a start-up fee for the program. This is not the same with the N-power scheme. They are very transparent in their actions. You simply follow the due processes of application, then wait for the board to shortlist successful candidates.

If at all you followed the outlined procedure but did not make it to the list, then read through this post carefully, follow the outlined steps in this post, and wait for the next batch. Trust me, you would spot the difference in your application.

Please note again, to avoid, “See finish”, the N-power scheme does not ask applicants to pay money for their names to be added to the list. If you previously applied for the program but did not make it, instead of implicating yourself, you should wait for the next batch.

We wrote this article to assist beneficiaries of the Npower batch C on how they can check if they have been deployed to their Place of Primary Assignment (PPA).

So, if you have to look for ways on how you can check your status then this is for you.

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Step by step guide on how to check Npower Batch C deployment status

We encourage you to follow the step-by-step guide carefully to check your deployment status.

  • First, log on to
  • Then enter your login details and login into your dashboard with your registered Password and Email Address.
  • Select the ‘Deployment’ tap at the top side of your NASIMS profile page.
  • Your N-power deployment status will be displayed after you clicked on that button

If you were deployed, you will get a notice with the outline below:





Also, if you have not yet been deployed, you will receive this notice:





If after checking your details,  you have not yet been deployed, it is not for you to get anxious and start panicking. The deployment date for the Npower Batch C has not been fixed at the time of this publication. The deployment date would be announced after the portal for the assessment test is closed and the final shortlisting for successful candidates has been completed.

Some Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Npower recruitment list

Criteria for Checking the Npower Pre-Selection List

Your BVN or Email address is the only thing required to check your name in the Npower pre-selection portal. That same BVN or the email must not have been used for Npower registration previously.


How to Check Npower Pre-Selection Status

  1. Login to the Npower official website at
  2. Select the “Check Preselection Status” button on the home page
  3. Fill in your email address address and Bank Verification Number (BVN) in the box provided.
  4. A notification will pop up on your screen confirming your success if you have been preselected.


How to Check NPOWER Pre-Shortlisted Candidates 2022

Preselection is the same as Shortlisted candidates. A preselection list or list of shortlisted candidates comes after the Npower test has been concluded. After the test comes to the physical verification before posting and deployment take place. You can confirm the status using the process outlined below in this post.

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your BVN address in the space for search with BVN
  3. Click on Search to check the status of your name

After checking your name, it’s time to check the physical verification date and requirements. You will have to go to the verification center with all the requirements if you want your name to appear on the final selection list.