How to get my MTN number via SMS and other methods – in this article, you will see the MTN number code and other methods on how to check your MTN phone number easily.

There are some obvious ways to get the number you want, some are as simple as calling a friend’s phone to view the number. In this article, we would sample five different ways on how to check your MTN number with ease. I am going to list them out and explain them to you.


  • MTN Code (USSD)
  • MTN Self Service
  • Request a Call Back
  • Call your Friend
  • Use Customer Service

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Most people in Nigeria and the world in general use multiple numbers. We have different network providers trying to outplay each other with new data packages and lower call tariffs. Some of them have good network in certain locations and while we are in that areas, we might change our main line. All these factors shapes our mind on the SIM card to use at any point in time. Of course, we might have a main line we use or multiple phones to work all these SIM card, however, keeping phone numbers in your head is not as prominent as it use to. Many people don’t bother to memorize their phone numbers again, they might know one, but that’s it. They just save it on their phones or give the main number to people. However, there are times when we always need that second number. Times when we want to do a registration or fill a form and the first number isn’t working or the network is suddenly bad or we just don’t want to use it. That is when the second number becomes handy.

1. Using the MTN Code to Check your Number

This option gives you the opportunity to view your MTN number on your screen. Although you would have to navigate through the menu, but if you do it right and your network is good, it will review your number to you and you can write it down for future reference.

You dial *123#, this would provide you with a long list of options, about 7 options (depending on your phone font) and a process to next page option.  Choose the first option (No 1). That would lead you to a my tools list of options where the first tool there is My Number. You select the No 1 and your phone number would display right on your screen.

However, an easier way would be to dial *663#, the number would come on your screen without following any instructions or selecting any list. You would even get an SMS of your phone number.


2. Using MTN Self Service

This is a little less popular because of the process involved in getting the MTN app in the first place.

The MTN self-service app doesn’t come with your phones, but you can always get it in one very simple way. You can go to your SMS and text care to 5018. This would automatically generate a response with a link to download the MTN Care package, also known as the MTN app. This app can provide information about almost anything in your account. You can track all your activities and understand the bundle and dealings on your SIM card. You would download the app and use it to get your phone number.


3. Using the Call Me Back Option

There are times when it might be an emergency and you have forgotten the code and don’t have data to check or download the MTN care package app. This is a good option for times like that. The Call me Back service is a very old service and it has helped a lot of us in emergency situations. With this service, a call me back text can be sent to another number and your phone number would appear.

To access this service, you will dial the MTN call me back code *133#, it would welcome you to the service and request for the number you are sending the call me back text to. You input any MTN number in close proximity and send. Your phone number would come with the text message on the number you sent the call me back to.


4. Call or Text a Friend

This is the first option most people rely on because it is fast and reliable. All you need to do is get airtime, if you don’t have, and call a friend. Then you request for the displayed number. However, this will only work when you have airtime to make calls as the person might likely start calling the number while you are still on the call. Then you have to confirm the number to be sure it’s correct. At times you might tell the person to send the number to you, but all these might require extra airtime to be used. But it is unarguably the easiest and most reliable method to get your phone number because network can distort the USSD or call me back process.


5. Call the MTN Customer Rep. Line

MTN have a very reliable customer care service. There are various options provided and if you navigate it right, it would display your phone number for you on your screen. However, it might be difficult as you might misunderstand something or choose a wrong option. This can be a bit frustrating as you might have to go back to the beginning to start again. So one of the best option is for you to just ask to speak to a customer representative and ask directly for your phone number. Usually they would ask you some questions but ultimately, they will provide you with the answer.

Simply contact MTN customer care for help. Their customer care number is 180, dial this number and follow the instructions carefully to get the phone number.

In Conclusion

The best and easiest way to retrieve a phone number is from a phone book or contact list. It is always advisable to store your phone number in your phone and also write it down on a contact book. Because a lot of things like network, accessibility, emergencies can prevent you from getting your phone number through the various ways provided, but if it’s on a hard copy, you can always look it up and use.