In this article, I will show you how to edit NPower profile easily. The N-Power program provides unemployed Nigerian youth with a temporary job opportunity. NPower recruitment program has created multiple jobs and enacted a variety of skills for the beneficiaries. With an aim and purpose for economic growth and development.

The program provides opportunities to over 500,000 Nigerians during each session of the scheme. President Buhari approved the extension of the N-power program to 1million beneficiaries summing up to 500k per batch in a stream.

More than one million Nigerians have directly and indirectly received benefits through the N-Power program since its inception. The entrepreneurship and employability index among the beneficiaries has significantly improved.

The N-Power scheme has rewarded two batches of beneficiaries  in the following sectors (N-Teach, N-Agro, N-Health, etc.)

The N-Power program is now administered through the NASIMS portal. With the NASIMS scheme, the N-power recruitment program has been positioned in a more strategic form. The program now cuts across many other programs under different Ministries. Some of these Ministries include the Federal Ministry of  Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management, and Social Development. Beneficiaries now receive more value from the program. They also experience a seamless verification process as well as an efficient transition and exit management plan through the NASIMS.

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Having troubles editing your profile information on the N-power or NASIMS portal?

Carefully read through this post to find out how you can edit your profile and also validate some of the necessary details on your profile page on the N-power recruitment program portal.

If you are an N-Power applicant, or you have interests in participating in the scheme, you must know that you cannot make it to the final stages of recruitment and posting if your profile details are not validated by the board. Even if you should get so lucky and pass these stages, there are high chances that you would have issues receiving and processing your monthly payments/stipends.

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Guidelines on how to edit and validate the details in your NASIMS profile portal page

Follow the steps below to learn how you can edit and validate some of the details of your NASIMS or Npower website.

If you do not know your profile password or you have not logged in to your portal since you registered, then this is how you can about retrieving your password


  1. Visit the NASIMS Portal at
  2. Fill in your login details
  3. Make use of the Forgot Password Tab
  4. Key in the email you used in applying for the N-POWER recruitment form
  5. Select the “Send Link” option
  6. Find the NPOWER Application Password Reset email in your email mailbox or your spam folder. A mail will be sent containing detailed instructions on how you can check or reset your password. The mail will also contain a link through which you can change your password.
  7. Fill in the new password which you would want to use in accessing your profile page on the portal. Enter it again for confirmation and select the “Change Password” option. A message will pop up on your screen informing you of a successful password change process.
  8. After that, the next step is to log in to your page, where you can update your records before going in to take the test.
  9. Enter the following information and click on “Validate.”
  • Bank Verification Number- BVN
  • Primary Email Address or the one you used initially for registration
  • Valid Phone Number
  • Date of Birth
  • State of Origin

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Some of the Documents that you need to upload on your personal NASIMS Npower Portal

When updating your profile page, you are required to upload the following documents:


  1. Academic Certificate or Documents confirming your Academic Qualifications (e.g OND, HND, Masters certificate, etc.)
  2. Identity Card/ID Card (e.g. National Identity Card, Valid Driver’s Licence, Permanent Voter’s Card, and International Passport)
  3. Local Government Identification Letter
  4. Birth Certificate/Affidavit of Birth
  5. National Youth Service Certificate
  6. For your Bank Verification Number- BVN, you would have to validate it. When you click on the button for BVN, fill in the data correctly and click on “validate”. If this process was successful, you will receive a pop-up notification:


“ BVN validation is successful”.

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Click on “Continue” to go ahead with editing your profile information. Note that some of your details would automatically be provided when you have validated your BVN. Kindly endeavor to update the other details not provided.

Click on the Submit tab when you have completed the uploads.