Do you have any idea how to check your Airtel number through your phone? Or Are you getting to the stage where you can hardly remember the Airtel phone number you’ve always known? Or maybe you have so many lines to memorize and you can’t squeeze memorizing your Airtel number?

Well, the good news is as long as you’re an Airtel subscriber; you can check your Airtel phone number using USSD code and other several methods.

This article will lead you through. Let’s go!

There are several methods by which you can check your Airtel number without much stress at all. You can use USSD codes, you can use My Airtel App, you can also check through customer service and also SMS. Let’s pick it one by one and see how it goes”.


Airtel has made it easy and possible for their subscriber to access so many services with just USSD codes. Is it buying airtime through your bank? Or buying data or sharing data? Or checking your airtime balance? Or even your bank account balance? With USSD codes you can access a lot of things on Airtel SIM as long as you’re a subscriber.

To check your Airtel phone number using USSD code: take your mobile, click on phone, dial *121#. Wait for some minutes, it shows some menus like; NIN Capture, Buy Bundle & Services, Manage My Account, Borrow Credit & Other Self-Services, Billing And Tariff, Bank Codes, KYC, and Then Next.

Click on “Manage My Account”, it brings some menus out again like; My Data Balance, My Balance, My Data Plan, My Number, My Tariff Plan, KYC Status, My PUK, My Serial Number, and Then Previous Menu. Click on “My Number” to see your number, and there you have it.

There’s another code in which you can dial to check your Airtel phone number. Dial *282# and dial the call button after. This method will not pass you a long process. A message will pop in showing your Airtel phone number you can try it. You can also dial *121*3*4# your number will be displayed right away.

Remembering all these codes can be tiring as well, though they are easy steps to take or easy processes to pass through. Other methods take no cramming. Let’s check them out.

How to check my Airtel phone number using My Airtel App

With this method, you need to download the My Airtel App. Having this app on your phone as a subscriber will give you access to many Airtel services not only by checking your phone number but also by checking your data balance, your airtime balance, you can buy data directly from the app and many other services.

However, to check your Airtel phone number on the My Airtel App, as an android user, go to the play store to download the app, and if you’re an iPhone user, open the App Store app and download My Airtel App. After downloading and installing, click to open, and also for those that have it already, open the app to access it.

On the home page of My Airtel App, tap on Manage My Account,” click on “View and Manage Account” on the menu, your name, and mobile number will be displayed. There are other things you can access on My Airtel App too. BOOKMARK this article to follow.

How to Check For My Airtel Number Using SMS

This is another way of checking your Airtel number. Those without an android phone are privileged to use this method. This process might be a little bit longer for you. To get your phone number through SMS, make sure you have airtime on your phone to get your phone number.

Send a message to your friend, make your friend is close to you and when I mean close to you, I mean nearby so that when the message pops up on your friend’s phone you can get your number.

You can also try a method of a Call Me SMS. This method requires no airtime. Also, make sure that the person you’re sending a Call Me SMS is near you to see your phone number. All you have to do is dial *140*the person’s phone number# dial the call button.

Wait for few minutes and check the person’s phone. You should see the “Please Call Me Back” SMS on the person’s phone, your phone number will be in part of the SMS message.

How to check my Airtel number through customer care

All you have to do in this method is to dial 121 or 111. These numbers will direct you to Airtel customer services. Follow the instruction and press the number that will show your phone number.

This method also comes with different services like checking your balance, data balance, and many other services.

These are the processes or methods you can use to check your Airtel number.

In Brief

You can check your Airtel number in several ways. You can check using several USSD codes, you can check using the SMS method, you can check using the My Airtel App, and you can check to call the airtel customer care.

I’m sure there are still some ways you can check for your Airtel number that are not mentioned here because Airtel has made it very easy for their subscribers to get whatever services they need at their convenience.

For example, buying data, buying airtime, sharing data, even without airtime on your Airtel SIM, and you need to talk to someone urgently; you can send a Call Me SMS. Airtel has made a lot easier for their subscriber.

However, if you don’t want to buy a new Airtel SIM because you don’t want to memorize any number, these methods will help you bring your number. I’m sure this article is of help to you. If you have any comments or questions you can drop them, and you can also share this information with those who haven’t known this.