Have you been shortlisted and searching for how to get/download your N-power deployment letter? Continue reading to get information in all you need to know to access your deployment letter.

The N-power deployment Letter is available for download and printing at the N-Power scheme portal under the candidate’s dashboard.

All Successful beneficiaries of the N-power Batch ‘C’ scheme are advised to download and print their Place of Primary Assignment  (PPA) letters online. This PPA Letter is available to candidates who passed the recently concluded N-power CBT test.

It is of utmost importance that you know the status of your Npower application, deployment, and Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) as an applicant. This would enable you to monitor your N-power application process.

All successful N-power candidates who completed their physical test, verification, and biometrics exercise can follow the below steps to download the N-power Batch ‘C’ deployment letter.

Posting Letters have been issued to all successful Applicants across the 774 Local Government areas in Nigeria.

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How can I download the N-power Deployment Letter 2022

Carefully read through this guide to know how you can download your deployment letter online.

  1. Through the browser on your mobile phone or personal computer, visit the NASIMS portal at https://nasims.gov.ng.
  2. Log in to your profile page using your email address and password.
  3. Select/click on the ‘Deployment’ tab on your profile home page to view your Npower deployment details
  4. After you’ve clicked on the Deployment tab, you would see another button with download access.
  5. Click on the Download tab to download your deployment letter
  6. Print out the slip.

After printing, then you are good to go.

If you were successfully deployed, you will receive a message thus:

“We have verified your details and your application has been deemed successful. Please check below for your posting details”.

Also, if you have not been deployed, you will get the following notice:

 “You have not being deployed yet. Please check back for the deployment information after the deployment date has been set”.

All the Shortlisted candidates will receive an average monthly stipend of N30,000 for the graduate programs and N10,000 for the non-graduate programs.

Please note that there may be slight differences in the figures provided above, as some sectors do not have the same pay structure as does the minimum wage. It may be higher or lower case-wise.

As a beneficiary of this program, you are expected to resume work within the first 3 days of your posting. You would be assigned with supervisors and coaches upon resumption, to guide you through all you need to know concerning the work.

The N-power Deployment Letters and  Primary Place of Assignment, PPA Letters for beneficiaries shortlisted on the Batch C is now available for printing on the NASIMS Portal under the dashboard of the Candidates.

If you are a beneficiary of the program, or you were among the set of beneficiaries that just finished the recently concluded N-power Batch “C” Open CHT tests. This Batch of the scheme ceased on 11/05/2021. Successful Candidates are hereby enjoined to check if their letters were available on the portal or their mailbox.


Is there a deadline to the time of printing the deployment letter?

The Printing of the Deployment Letter of the  N-Power scheme has no closing date at the moment. This has not also been made to the beneficiaries at any instant.

To be on the safe side, if you applied for the Npower Batch C recruitment, then you should do well to check your NASIMS portal to confirm the availability of your deployment Letter.

You can download or view your Npower PPA letter using your mobile phone, then you can proceed to a cyber café for printing. Printing of the N-Power PPA letter should be done using a color printer.


You can reach out to the managerial board of the N-power scheme if you have any issues about the collection of your deployment letter. You can send a mail to support.npower@nasims.gov.ng. or contact 018885011 or 08176551162.


If you wish to access the direct website of the board, visit their page on  https://nasims.gov.ng