Did you know that the NASIMS Biometric Enrollment Application can be downloaded straight from the portal? Carefully read through this post to get all the details you need to know about downloading and installing the app. You would also find related links and answers to some of the frequently asked questions by most of the N-power scheme applicants.

This post contains details on how to download and install the Npower NASIMS Biometrics Software on your device.

Candidates who registered for the recently concluded NPower recruitment might be facing some challenges in downloading and installing the Npower or NASIMS biometrics app, so by reading through this post, you would get apt information on how to go about it.

This post was created to serve as a guide when you want to download and install the Npower biometrics app on your device. It would help you to complete your N-power scheme registration online and to capture the necessary details with ease.

After you must have checked your profile portal from the Npower scheme official website, and confirmed your application before you can proceed to download the app. In essence, the details contained in this post would help the Successful Candidates of the N-power scheme Batch ‘C’ 2021 applicants to complete their application and verification process on the Npower portal.

These candidates must have been previously screened and are now waiting to capture their biometrics. If your application on the portal has not been verified, then you should not proceed to carry out the processes contained in this post until your profile is verified.

However, do not disregard this post. Try to grab the contents and information in this post for future purposes. You can as well save or bookmark the page so that you can read it up when you have been verified.

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The prerequisite to installing the Npower biometrics software is to visit the official website of the scheme on your most preferred browser. You must have downloaded and installed the Npower NASIMS biometrics app on your mobile device or personal computer before you can go ahead with the biometrics capturing processes.


What to do before downloading the Npower NASIMS Biometric software

Before downloading the biometric software for N-power NASIMS, it is good you note that you will be needing to have a computer as the application does not work on Mobile phones.

Other applications that you would need for downloading, installing, and complete setup of the Npower NASIMS Biometric software includes:

  • Fingerprint reader for either 32-bit Installation or 64-bit Installation or General Installer
  • One of either of these: .NET Desktop Runtimes or .NET Core Runtime 3.1. Though for some computers, you would need both the .NET Core SDK and .NET Core Runtime.

It would also be nice if you get the biometric fingerprint capture hardware device. This would help you to verify and enroll your fingerprints online. Thus the device can also be used in other registrations that require biometrics capturing apart from the N-power scheme application.

After you have done all the above-listed steps, you can now go ahead to download the N-power biometric software application using the details below.

Procedures to downloading the Npower biometrics software/application

Whether you need to download the application for the 32-bit Installation or 64-bit Installation, you must follow through with the processes outlined below.

Step 1: Visit the Npower NASIMS official website on https://nasimsbiometric.blob.core.windows.net/enrollment/Publish.htm

Select the Download tab on the home page of the website.  You can also find this on your profile page after you must have logged in to your account.

The NASIMS Biometric software download portal gives you access to the direct link for downloading the npower enrollment app. You can also get the direct link from this post at https://nasimsbiometric.blob.core.windows.net/enrollment/setup.exe

Step 2: Allow the page to load and proceed with the download instructions.

Take note that only shortlisted candidates can do the biometric verification. These shortlisted candidates received mails containing instructions on how to go about with the verification. The email sent by the Npower board, informed the Successful applicants to log in to their NASIMS Npower biometric client portal, download the Biometric software and proceed with their fingerprint capturing.

If you received this enrollment email or you were shortlisted, but have yet to enroll with the digital fingerprint capturing, then you would have to contact the N-power officials to resolve the issues.

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Step 3: Answers to some frequently asked questions about the Npower NASIMS Biometric software


How can I download NASIMS Npower Biometric software?

You can download the N-power enrollment app by simply visiting the NASIMS biometric client portal and selecting the install button under it.

Alternatively, you can download the software by visiting the portal here: https://nasimsbiometric.blob.core.windows.net/enrollment/Publish.htm or click on the direct link on https://nasimsbiometric.blob.core.windows.net/enrollment/setup.exe


Can I do the N-power biometrics verification on my mobile phone?

No, you cannot do the N-power biometrics verification using your phone; the software was programmed to run only on computers(desktop and laptop likewise) and not on mobile phones

However, if you do not have a computer, you can visit the nearest Cyber Café in your area to get enrolled.


Does the N-power biometric verification have a deadline?

The Npower verification and application come in separate batches each year. For now, the first three batches for this year 2021 have been concluded.