Not many Network providers in Nigeria can boast of offering cheap 1G data for as low as N200. MTN Nigeria has a data plan that offers such rates to its subscribers and it is available for almost all their postpaid users. Are you interested in knowing how the MTN 1GB for 200 Naira data works and also how you can benefit from the offer? Take your time and navigate this page for more details.


About MTN Nigeria

MTN is a wireless mobile telecommunication service provider that is headquartered in South Africa. This network provider has many acronym interpretations but in Nigerian parlance it stands for “Mobile Telecommunications Network.”

Founded in 1994, MTN offer a wide range of wireless services including web surfing, Subscribers Identification Module (SIM) registration, call and data roaming, online payments among others. With its network and services found in virtually all part of the country, MTN is arguably the largest mobile communication network in Nigeria and among the best in Africa as a whole.


Additional, its services and network span to Asia and Europe aside from Africa; they have a growing Subscribers of 233 million subscribers with 52 million from Nigeria (Africa’s leading Giant) despite officially being list licensed for operation in the country in 2001. Today, all the 36 States in Nigerian and the federal capital territory has access to the network.


What to Know About MTN 1GB for N200

The MTN 1GB for N200 is by and large one of the cheapest data subscription in Nigeria. It surpasses many other data plans offered by its fellow network service provider counterparts such as Airtel, GLO, and 9mobile (previously known as Etisalat).


Nonetheless, this data plan is only available for postpaid customers and last for a week.


What Can MTN 1GB For N200 Do?

Some people might believe that this data offer is limited to certain internet services judging by its cheap price tag. However, the truth is that it can be used to access all mobile data services and can be applied on all usable internet dongles as well as for downloading services, streaming and others.


More so, the MTN 1GB for N200 is 4G-supported and works incredibly fast as well. Users of 3G and 2G can also access this offer though the former has a more better data offer at a reduced cost.


Another important thing to note is that the data plan is a special offer that is available on certain periods and seasons. While most MTN users claim that it is more readily available for new subscribers than the existing ones, both subscribers are at liberty to enjoy the offer.


MTN Network Plans

MTN has several network plans which are suitable for both budget and heavy data subscribers. In Nigeria, the world of  wireless communication network which is dominated by the likes of MTN, Airtel, GLO, and 9mobile are competing and stepping up their game by offering cheap data offers for internet surfers. MTN with the introduction of this plan have placed themselves among the favourite networks in the data world.


Furthermore, the MTN Nigeria has data plans that are compatible with all devices such as Personal Computers, Android smartphones, iphones, pads, Google devices and others. These plans comes with different offers created for a subscriber’s data needs, Budget, and personal preference.


MTN 1GB For N200 Naira

Subscribing to MTN 1G plan for N200 is easy and hassle-free. To subcribe to this data plan, there are certain steps involved. These procedures are to be properly followed as any form of deviation might cost you this data deal. Without much ado, here is how to subscribe to the MTN 1G for N200:


Step 1: The first step to take is to ensure that your MTN line account balance is loaded with N200 recharge card or more. This reason for this is because the plan will not activate on an account with less than that amount of airtime;

Step 2: After you might had recharged your MTN line, open your smartphone call menu and dial the USSD code: *131*65#;

Step 3: Dialling the code will take to a page in a dialogue box. Once you are here, select the number two (2) option and tab on okay;

Step 4: Once this is done, the next page that will pop-up will come with the message inscription that will say “Dear Customer, Enjoy data offers on MTN Deal zone.”;

Step 5: At this point, dial the USSD code: *131*1#” and the network will take you to a fresh page where MTN data offers are displayed;

Step 6: The final step is to choose the option for 1G for N200 and subscribe to it by clicking on the okay button. Your account will be notified and the subscribed data will be made available for use.

Note that it has been observed that this plan is mostly given to subscribers who have recharged their lines especially around 30 days interval or thereabout.

Also, this plan may come with automatic renewable thus if you don’t like the idea, turn it to a one-off purchase.


Other Affordable MTN Data Offer

There are other affordable data offers by the MTN Nigeria. If you are not eligible for 1G for ₦200, try any of these;

  • ₦25 for 500MB;
  • ₦500 for 2.5GB;
  • ₦1000 for 5GB;
  • ₦1500 for 10GB.


This can be accessed by dialling the USSD: *131#.


The MTN 1G for ₦200 is one of the cheapest plans offered in Nigeria. Many MTN users are currently accessing this data service and you can too if you follow the above-mentioned steps on how to go about.

Nevertheless, most smartphone data users have argued that MTN data are vulnerable and rarely last for lengthy period of time. However, experts have affirmed that the network has significantly improved its data services without compromising the delivered quality. If you are an MTN subscribe who loves surfing the internet for information, then the 1G for ₦200 offer should be your sure plug for cheap data plans.