Stop jumping from website to website in search of how to download the NPower list of shortlisted candidates.

Here lie the steps on how to check the list of successful candidates at the NPower portal. The management of the Npower scheme has officially released the list of successful applicants who were shortlisted candidates. It contained the names of those who would be beneficiaries of the Batch ‘C’ 2021. Therefore, applicants should check their names on the list released online through the Npower client page on the portal.

The 2021 NPower applicants have been awaiting the Board of directives of the N-power scheme to shortlist candidates for the 2021 Batch ‘C’.

The Npower officials have finally published names of successful applicants of the Npower Batch ‘C’ program for only stream 1. Guidelines for checking the N-power 2021 shortlisted candidates have been outlined on this website for all the Nigerian states.

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NPower list of shortlisted candidates for Batch C

The list for the shortlisted candidates of the N-Power Stream 2 (Batch C) 2021 is now also available in a PDF downloadable format.

This post contains how to download the list of shortlisted candidates for stream 2 of the NPower Bach C 2021 scheme in PDF format. This would aid your inadequate preparation for the final screening exercise.

If your name emerged in the pre-selection list, then you can go for the physical verification. The date and venue for the physical verification are fixed, so if you were shortlisted, visit the physical verification test page to confirm the requirements for the verification and the exact date.

Procedures on how to check the pre-selection list were stated in this post. Follow the guidelines on how to check N-power status to know if your name is out or not to know your pre-selection status.

Regardless of the emails sent to the shortlisted candidates, some did not receive the mail. These candidates can check their selection status using the steps that would be pointed out in this post.

Relatively, the N-power Batch ‘C’ shortlisted candidates is a list containing the names of the applicants who have passed through the final selection process and would eventually be deployed to their final place of primary assignment (PPA). You will see your PPA in your Npower deployment letter.

How to Check NPower list of shortlisted candidates

To check the list of shortlisted candidates for the N-Power 2021 batch ‘C’ scheme,

A congratulatory message will pop up if you have been Shortlisted.

If you did not see your name in the list of shortlisted candidates, do not worry, you can still confirm if you were successful through your mailbox. Check your email address and registered number you used during the NPower application for the congratulatory message from N-power.

Alternatively, you can log in to the client portal through the N-power NASIMS website at From there, you would be able to know if you have been shortlisted or if you have not been selected yet. The management and commissioners of the N-power Batch ‘C’ scheme opened the portal for access to the applicants of the Stage 2 phase. Candidates can gain access to the portal using their log-in details and credentials to confirm their status on the list.

Applicants who pass through the final selection stage will move further to deployment. This stage is the same for all Batch ‘C’ candidates in streams 1 and 2. If you happen to find your name on the N-power shortlisted candidates portal, simply await your deployment, as it would come soon after that.

Also, candidates who are yet to find their names in the Npower Batch ‘C’ list of shortlisted applicants, are advised to exercise patience for the next batch of the list of successful candidates to be released.


The program published the statistics of the shortlisted candidates as follows;

  • N-Agro-418,605
  • N-Teach-245,970
  • N-Health-207,539
  • N-Build-127,478
  • N-Tech-102,056
  • N-Creative-98,357

The statistics showed that the shortlisted candidates were 1.2 million out of over 5 million Applicants of the N-Power 2020 Programme. This showed that the program accepts and recruits a lot of candidates to participate in the scheme.

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How do I know when the list of shortlisted candidates for the other Batches and streams are out?

You would get real-time updates about the Npower 2021 Shortlisted Candidates, and also the recruitment exercises and processes on the official website of the management.

The list of successful candidates has been released on the official NPower portal not long after the recruitment exercise was completed. The list included beneficiaries who were shortlisted in Batch A and Batch B.

For the benefit of the Batch ‘C’ applicants, this guide has been made to ensure you have a smooth process in running your certification, examination, recruitment, and deployment.

With time, as you proceed to process your documents both online and offline, please note that your name would not gain access to the list of shortlisted candidates by making use of the Brown envelope syndrome. It does not work! No matter how juicy the offer is, do not go for it. This is is a huge fallacy, and you should not fall victim to such offers.

Do not pay or settle anyone claiming to be a staff of Npower or that they can add your name to the list of shortlisted candidates. When the lists are out, you can view them freely.

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Why are applicants with high N-power test scores are not shortlisted?

The minister of Humanitarian Affairs opined that one of the reasons why some applicants scored high in their test results but were not selected/shortlisted was due to their geographical locations.

She also mentioned that the applications were verified based on the scores and population for the first stream.

The Humanitarian Affairs Minister further stated that if there is more population of applicants from a particular area, then the pass percentage would be raised.

For example, if the average number of participants expected to come from Local Government A is 500 individuals, but during the application, 800 people were registered. If the attainable pass percentage using the statistics of 500 persons was 50%, but due to the increase in the number of applicants, the pass percentage will also be increased to about 75%.

Also, if another or the same Local Government B has a population with less than the average number of applicants, the applicant can still be physically verified. Even with a score as low as 0% or 35%, the applicants may still be selected to balance the number of applicants from different localities.