N-Power physical verification is an exercise through which the N-Power officials verify the online data filed by candidates during the NPower registration period. The beneficiaries would present their documents, while the officials go-ahead to screen them.

The Npower physical verification date is usually fixed. It is a medium through which the Npower scheme officials verify the authenticity of the documents uploaded online by applicants during registration.

It is not only to verify the authenticity of the results but also to pass a mini on-the-spot interview on the applicants. The eligible applicants are presumed to be those who merit the job and meet the outlined requirements for the job.

Only qualified applicants would be shortlisted and given an NPower deployment letter for them to report to their Npower place of primary assignment.

Applicants who previously uploaded their documents online for the N-power Batch ‘C’ program have been deployed to a primary place of assignment.  These applicants can download their Npower letter of deployment and also get ready their documents ready for physical verification.

Carefully read through this post to get the prerequisites for physical verification. Here, you would find how to know the date for your verification and all you need to know when going for the verification.

First and foremost, you must note that the Npower physical verification is conducted nationwide, and all shortlisted applicants are expected to participate in this exercise.

Also, applying for the Batch ‘C’ program is not the same as being shortlisted for the program. If you could not find your name on the portal or the released list as a shortlisted candidate, then you may not also get the deployment letter.

Without the deployment letter, you cannot participate in the physical verification.

Requirement Documents for NPower Physical Screening

If you have been shortlisted for the Npower Batch C program, you would be verified on the following and the documents authenticated.


1. Valid Identity Card:

This is the first on the list because you cannot be verified on anything if the officials do not know who you are. Even if you are to be verified by your relative, it is assumed that the officials do not know you. To be on the safe side, you should come along with your identity card.


2. Educational Credentials and qualifications (OND, HND, and Degree certificate):

The Educational qualifications which you stated in your application form online, must correspond with the ones you have in hard copy. If not, you might buy yourself into bigger trouble of “Falsification of information”.


3. Date of Birth:

Most Candidates change their date of birth and age when submitting their applications. You might not incur a legal term for this but, your documents may be rejected and regarded as unoriginal. If mistakes were made in your documents during filing or registration, you can proceed to a law court. It is there that you would swear an Affidavit to confirm the authenticity of your age and date of birth.


4. Employment status:

Although the N-power scheme is strictly for unemployed Nigerians who are facing challenges with landing their dream job, please do well to state carefully what you do for a living. You must not join the long queue of Nigerians filing their documents with “Unemployed” when stating their employment status. By doing that, you give out an impression of a lazy youth to the Npower scheme officials. Those officials are most likely to consider your application if you give them a profitable skill or talent that you have. Better still write “Self-employed”.


5. NYSC Certificate:

This applies to all degree holders. Those involved should endeavor to take their NYSC discharge certificate along with other documents to the venue for verification.


6. Bank Verification Number (BVN);


7. Domiciliary letter from your Local Government Area or your recent Residential permit.


8. Passport photographs


9. N-power 2021 Batch ‘C’ online printout:

This contains your Reference Number.


10. Biodata:

Ensure you have your biodata with you at each time, as you may be asked to fill in your data during your physical screening.

Your biodata should contain your:

  1. Full names
  2. Address information
  3. State and Local Government Area
  4. Mother’s maiden name
  5. The state of your NYSC PPA (place of primary assignment).
  6. The year you finished National Youth Service Corp (for those applying for graduate category positions).

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11. Photocopies of your documents:

If it was possible, make copies of your documents in case you need any of them. Also, carry the original copies when going for the verification. The day may be stressful and not what you would have been expecting. Prepare for the worst, both intellectually and physically as you may have a lot of running around to do.

The physical verification exercise for the Npower Batch ‘C’ scheme begins immediately after the list of successful candidates have been pre-selected and released.

The Management of the Npower recruitment scheme recently announced in a Memo, that the physical verification for the successful/shortlisted applicants will commence as from September 10th.

Dr. Sumaye Hamza, the Plateau state Focal Person, has announced that all the N-power batch ‘C’ stream 1 beneficiaries would commence physical verification on Friday, September 10, 2021

She went ahead to mention the following as stated below:

“All deployed Npower Batch C Beneficiaries should note the following documents to carry along when going for their physical verification (As listed earlier in this post)

“Npower through the NOA will verify batch C beneficiaries based on the following:

  • Educational Verification
  • Age Verification (This doesn’t apply most times)
  • Employment Verification ( We have seen doctors, lawyers in Npower; Goodluck if you have a Job)
  • NYSC Certificate Verification

“Successful deployed batch ‘C’ beneficiaries are advised to come along to the screening venue with relevant documents (As outlined previously in this post)”.

They also made mention that compulsory participation is required from the shortlisted candidates of this exercise. The Board added that beneficiaries who did not show up for the exercise would be delisted.

Successful beneficiaries were also advised to proceed to their allocated verification center for the exercise. This is usually displayed on the service portal under the Verification tab.

The venue for the physical verification was scheduled to hold at the Local Government Secretariat of the deployed applicants.

N-power partners with National Orientation Agency, and National Youth Service Corps together with some other specialist agencies. This allows the board access to situate their exercise/program at the local government area of the beneficiaries.

For more accuracy and detailed information on the address, you may alternatively dial the designated USSD service code on *45665# or check your email.

Successful candidates would receive a mail containing their venue, date, and other information regarding their Npower Physical Verification.

Log into your mailbox and check the inbox for details. You may also login into your profile dashboard to confirm your screening venue.

Among the host of fraudulent activities carried out by scammers who promise Nigerian youths a lot of juicy benefits. These may include: putting their name on the list to be released by the official board of directors, helping them to skip the physical verification without being spotted, impersonating license by successful candidates of Batch A and B among others. Try not to engage in any of the above-listed offenses. You might end up rooting up multiple negative implications for yourself just for a one-time application for the N-power scheme. In severe cases, you may serve a jail term for these offenses.


 What you should do after a successful verification process

After your verification, proceed to your Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) along with your PPA letter. This is available on your self-service portal after you must have logged in. You can download and print this letter under the Deployment tab.

Take the Place of Primary Assignment Letter to a relevant PPA personnel for signing and complete documentation.

After that, return to your self-service portal to upload the signed PPA letter.”