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Npower monthly stipends are the payments made by the Nigerian Government to all the beneficiaries of the Npower program currently going on across the nation.

As an applicant of the N-power beneficiary’s scheme, it is of utmost importance that you know how much the federal government of Nigeria is willing to pay its Npower volunteers for each of the programs.

Don’t go ahead to complete your registration process, if you do not know how the pay structure works. But if you have done that already, then still read through to know the kind of pay you should be expecting every month.

This post contains a credible outline of the amount each of the Npower beneficiaries is paid. It is good to know that though the requirements for registration for each of the program is the same, the pay structure differs among program and qualification.

The least monthly revenue an N-power beneficiary can receive is N10, 000 only. The figures and pay package shown below were provided through the official Npower portal. Here is the Npower pay structure for 2021 (In no particular order):


  • N-Power Agro Programme Salary Structure: N25,000 – N30,000 monthly
  • N-Power Build Programme Salary Structure: N27,000 – N30,000 monthly
  • N-Power Community Education Programme Salary Structure: N10,000 – N30,000 monthly
  • N-Power Creative Programme Salary Structure: N10,000 – N30,000 monthly
  • N-Power Health Programme Salary Structure: N30,000 – N40,000 monthly
  • N-Power Teach Programme Salary Structure: N28,000 – N30,000 monthly
  • N-Power Tech (Hardware) Programme Salary Structure: N20,000 – N40,000 monthly
  • N-Power Tech (Software) Programme Salary Structure: N20,000 – N40,000 monthly

After going through the list above, you would notice that the salary structure for the Npower scheme averages N10,000 to N30,000 monthly. Based on your qualification and the program you make your choice from, you can expect between N10,000 to N30,000 every month.


In a related development, the management of the N-power scheme asked the N- power beneficiaries who are yet to receive their monthly payments, to exercise patience with the board, as they had some issues that they had to address with the Federal Government regarding the scheme. They were also pleased that the beneficiaries should not be bothered about the delay in the payment of their monthly stipends, as all payments would be made soonest.


However, the board noted that some of its beneficiaries have been paid and this can be confirmed as well. Keep cal. And wait as the majority of beneficiaries have confirmed the receipt of their payment.


Before the January salary payments were made, most beneficiaries were optimistic about receiving mouth-watering salaries. Rumors had it that the salary structure for the tax program would be the highest, but after payments were received, the beneficiaries understood otherwise. Payments came but with a smear of disappointments on the part of the beneficiaries. However, candidates are still hopeful that something would be done concerning the pay structure. They are also expectant of an increase in the subsequent salaries.


Relatedly, if after reading through the pay structure of the N-power scheme, and you are satisfied with their offers, then you can sign up for the program using the guide mapped out below.


Procedures and requirements for Npower recruitment

The N-Power scheme was aimed at providing a platform where most Nigerian youths can access skills acquisition and development. The initial modular programs for the N-Power scheme were structured for Nigerian citizens between the ages of 18 and 35. You will also need to meet the minimum requirements for your program. Generally, the selection is based on:

On your expression of a genuine interest in the program, you chose

Willingness to propel yourself beyond your comfort zone;

Passing the relevant tests and verification processes

Ability to show ingenuity and the skills you need to be the best of yourself.

Good written and spoken English.

Ability to pass through a self-tutorship process successfully

Apt knowledge of Microsoft office tools.

Physical, psychological, and mental fitness.

Detail-oriented with quality Analytical and Diagnostic aptitude.

Possession of a Bank Verification Number (BVN).

Problem-solving skills.

Knowledge of tax laws and administration in Nigeria (for applicants going for the tax program).

Recent passport photographs.

Valid means of identification like valid driver license, Voters card, International passport, Identification Card,  or a NIN number,

Productivity skills encompassing interest in building, creating, and fixing things.

Willingness to work in new environments.


Some FAQs about the Npower Recruitment scheme for 2022


  1. Is Npower currently recruiting candidates for 2022?


Yes, the N-power scheme is currently recruiting unemployed graduates, undergraduates, and non-graduates in the six Geo-political zones in Nigeria. All interested applicants are required to visit the official Npower portal at nasims.gov.ng and select a program of their choice.


  1. Must I have a degree Before Applying for the Npower Programme?


Requirements for degree certificates depend on the category that interests the applicants. Not all programs require that you are certified before you can apply for them. Whether a degree is required or not, would be stated in the job description. Applicants without a degree will still be considered on the grounds of demonstration of a substantial relevant experience.


  1. How do I apply for the Npower Recruitment 2022


Using your favorite browser, you can access and apply for the program by visiting the Npower recruitment 2022 portal through nasims.gov.ng. It is on the website that you can explore the variety of programs to know the one that suits you best.


  1. When is the Npower Recruitment 2022/2023 Closing date?


The closing date for the Npower recruitment 2022, has not been officially announced. Continue checking this website to know when it would be disclosed to the general public.