PYES Login Portal 2023 – Access Guide Online

Hello there, finding it hard or impossible to login to your PYES dashboard or perhaps; your PYES account was created by some cyber café operator and now you want to login to access your account feature but don’t know the right web address to use for the login? Or maybe you lost your PYES login password and don’t know how to retrieve or recover it to login back into your account?

Well, you don’t need to panic as we’ve got good news for you.

Information on this very page should solve all your PYES login portal queries be it;

  • How can I login to my PYES dashboard?
  • Is PYES portal opened?
  • How can I recover my lost PYES password?
  • My PYES account wasn’t created by me and I don’t know how to login to my account now.

Before going to solving our queries, let’s get to know a little about P-YES program and all you need to know about

About P-YES

The Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme also known as P-YES is an initiative from the office of the secretary general of the federation (SGF) in union with the Senior Special Assistant (SSA) to the president of the federal republic of Nigeria. The scheme deals with youth and student affairs i.e it is an empowerment program that focus more on the youths of the country.

The basic and recognized aim and objective of the scheme is to create employment opportunities for at least 700,000 Nigerian and prepare them for tomorrow which is yet to come. This initiative has been referred to as a training program since it establishment in Nigeria well it is not far from it. This is because the initiative will expose youths in the country to divers skill and opportunities enabling them to have a financially stabled future.

Areas the scheme looks at can be found below.

PYES Categories

The P-YES program has five (5) basic categories and interested candidates can apply for any of them. It all depends on choice and what you know and have much interest on. These categories include;

  • Agriculture
  • Fashion
  • Catering
  • ICT and mobile money
  • Technical Acquisition

Surely from their title you should know what they are about. So let’s head further to checkout some basic qualities aspiring candidates must possess before they will be able to apply for the empowerment scheme.

PYES Application Eligibility

In order to be qualified to benefit from this empowerment scheme, you must possess these qualities as an individual

  • You must be a citizen of Nigeria through any legally recognized means by the constitution of the republic
  • Interested applicant must not be below 18 years of age and most not be above 40 years of age before applying for the scheme.
  • Applicant must provide possess any means of identity which is usually issued only by the government of Nigeria e.g National Identity Card, Permanent voters card, driver’s license etc.
  • Applicant must provide a second level beneficiary (SLB)
  • Interested applicant must be of sound mind before applying for the P-YES scheme
  • Aspiring applicant must be fluent in English and also must understand any local language spoken in Nigeria.
  • Candidates must fill two (2) guarantor forms (guarantor can be religious leader or community head)

NOTE: Applicant who do not possess all of above mentioned qualities are hereby advised to withdraw from applying because there is high chance your application won’t be considered.

How to Access PYES Login Portal

In order for you to successfully login to your dashboard on the official P-YES portal, all you need to do is;

  • Pick up your laptop or phone provided there is internet connection (we prefer you use a computer for better experience)
  • Visit the official PYES login portal which can be located at
  • On the next page, input your mobile number and password you used for registration of your P-YES account.
  • Now click the button that reads “Log in” to finally access your P-YES application dashboard on the P-YES official portal.

For aspiring applicants who doesn’t have an account on P-YES official portal yet, all you need to do is.

  • Click on the “create new account option” located at the bottom end of the login page
  • Follow the onscreen command
  • Input all your details in the appropriate field provided to you on the portal
  • Get you confirmation code send to your phone number and then activate your account. Then follow above step to successfully login to your dashboard on the website.

Activated Account but Cannot Login

For those who have activate their accounts but are still find it impossible to login, all you need to do is to reset your login details and all will be restored. Continue reading as we will show you how to restore your P-YES account login details on this page.

Forgot PYES Login Password?

We received some messages from quite a number of persons that they have lost their P-YES login password and don’t know how to recover it. To do this action all that is required of you is to;

  • Go to P-YES applicant login page at
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and locate this message which reads [forgot you password? “CLICK HERE” to create a new one] press the click here to go to the password reset page
  • On the next page, insert your phone number you used for registration and click on “reset password”. You should receive a PIN on your phone as a message; use the pin to continue to the next step.
  • Copy and paste the PIN you received as SMS on the website and click “continue”
  • On the next page, insert your new password on the appropriate field and click on create password.
  • Now you go back to the login page and insert your phone number and new password you created
  • Then click on “Log in” to access your P-YES account.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the meaning of P-YES

P-YES means Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme

What is the P-YES application portal?

The P-YES application portal is

How can I create a new P-YES account?

This information can be found above on this page. Scroll up to look at how to apply for the P-YES initiative scheme.

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