MTN Solar Price In Nigeria

Solar systems are one remedy for Nigeria’s erratic power supply issues. One method of continuously powering houses, businesses, roadways, etc. is through the use of solar power systems. It is incredibly hygienic, secure, environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and low maintenance.

The MTN Lumos inverter system was created to address the demands of Nigerians and address their issue of frequent power outages. It is welcoming, dependable, reasonably priced, easy to maintain, and has flexible payment options. Anyone can register for it and possess one in this way. A yellow box (300WH), an 80W solar panel, a USB mobile phone charger, two LED lamps, a 60W DC to AC converter, and an easy mounting kit are all included in the MTN Mobile electricity kit. The yellow box has a 300WH capacity, which enables it to illuminate a 20W bulb for 15 hours. Therefore, the MTN Mobile Electricity kit can be what you need if you want to constantly have your mobile phone charged, laptop fully charged, and lights in your home.

You can register for MTN Solar’s services and read about their rates in this article. Continue reading if you’re interested in finding out more.

Payment Model

MTN Mobile uses the Pay as You Go payment method for electricity. To put it simply, you can pay as you use the service in incremental amounts. You cannot access the electricity stored in the built-in battery unless you pay to unlock the solar home system. You can only get the stored energy from the interior if you have made a payment and are connected to the MTN network.

Solar Prices In Nigeria

Pay as You Go, as was previously said, allows you to pay in manageable increments. Before using the MTN yellow box, you must, however, pay a one-time setup and installation fee of N28,000. Following that, you will have to pay for an MTN Mobile energy subscription plan. The monthly plan, which costs N6000 per month, or any of the other plans, are both options. The list below is available subscription plans with their prices.

Plans Price Activation Code
1 day N 300 (per day) TEXT  1 to 317
3 days N 800 (every 3 days) TEXT  3 to 317
5 days N 1300 (every 5 days) TEXT  5 to 317
7 days N 1800 (per week) TEXT  7 to 317
10 days N 2300 (every 10 days) TEXT  10 to 317
20 days N 4300 (every 20 days) TEXT  20 to 317
30 days N 5400 (per month) TEXT  30 to 317
60 days N 10, 000 (bi-monthly) TEXT 60 to 317
90 days N 14 000 (quarterly) TEXT 90 to 317
180 days N 26 000 (every 6 months) TEXTS 180 317
365 days N 51 000 (per year) TEXTS 365 to 317
1800 days N 240, 000 (one-time payment) TEXT 1800 to 317

An MTN mobile number that should be connected to your MTN Yellow Box is one you offer during setup. To recharge your MTN Mobile Electricity, you will use this mobile line.

When you have enough credit on your mobile line to cover the cost of your selected plan, you must send the necessary text message from your MTN line to activate the plan and purchase energy credits.

You must use the system for at least 20 days each month to be eligible to use the MTN Yellow Box for the current month. If you don’t, you will need to pay the previous month’s deficit payment. Loss of ownership is possible if your MTN Mobile Electricity is frozen for more than 60 days.

After 1800 days of payment, the system is permanently unlocked, enabling you to use energy without making any additional payments. Because you are receiving the system on a lease, you would have completed payment of the system after 1800 days.

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