List of Top 20 Professional Courses in Nigeria

The growing number of Professional Courses in Nigeria highlights its importance in the country’s competing economy. Experts forecast that skilled workers who are duly trained and registered by a specific professional body as applicable to their nature of work stand a better chance of securing a job than does who are not. In Nigeria, most companies prefer to hire workers with professional certification over those who are not because of the large wealth of benefits that come with it.

One of such is that it gives fresh graduates the opportunity to garner professional work experience which can be included in their Curriculum Vitae (CV) to source for a working space in their respective fields of study. This will in turn promote competition and give rise to a high standard of delivered services in the business sector.

There are many professional courses in Nigeria available for different skilled workers and lines of the profession. The following ones are the top 20 in Nigeria according to professional authorities;

20. Certified Cost Engineering Consultants

Sitting among the top 20 professional courses in Nigeria is the Certified Engineering Consultants. This professional organisation is a global engineering establishment that offers the AACE certificate to qualifying candidates. It’s available for both Bachelor’s degrees and Higher National diploma holders.

Certified Professionals can work in any company in the country and also stand a high chance of gaining a job over those without this certification.

19. West African College of Physicians Certification

The West African College of Physicians Certification is another reputable professional course in Nigeria. It was established for only physicians and aims at engaging them in intensive industry practicals in the field. The good thing about it is that it can be gotten by both undergraduate and graduate scholars.

18. Human Resources Management Certification (HR)

The Human Resources Management Certification also known as HR is a professional course in Nigeria that can be gotten by both SSSCE and graduate degree holders. It offers courses to its participant on real-life events and how to tackle them head-on.

17. Institute of Management Technology Certification

The Institute of Management Technology Certifications offers professional training to competent skilled workers. It is open for Bachelor, Diploma, and National Diploma degree holders, and training last for a short period of time.

16. Project Management Professionals (PMP)

Project Management Professionals otherwise known as PMP is open to scholars majoring in all fields of study programs. It’s designed for prospective project managers and training usually lasts for a minimum of six (6) months.

15. Health Safety Environment

Health Safety Environmental is a professional course that is mostly aimed at engineering and environmental science graduates. It gives qualifying candidates a certification of becoming safety experts.

14. Financial Risk Management:

The Financial Risk management is a professional course that is designed for scholars of banking and finance. This is given to certify a finance worker’s competence in risk management.

13. Oil and Gas Trained Services Limited

Oil and Gas Trained Services certifies qualifying candidates in the petrochemical industries through their courses. It’s available to all graduates of the sector in Nigeria.

12. Association of General and Private Medical Practitioners of Nigeria Certification (AGPMPN)

Association of General and Private Medical Practitioners of Nigeria Certification otherwise known as AGPMPN is for all health-related scholars. It’s among the top best professional bodies in Nigeria.

11. Chartered Institute of Bankers:

This professional body certifies qualified banking practitioners who had obtained their Bachelor’s degrees. The training is intensive and highly regarded across the country.

10. Institute of Chartered Accountant of Nigeria (ICAN)

The Institute of Chartered Accountant of Nigeria also known as ICAN is offered strictly to accounting graduates. It offers a short course and is available for both Higher Diploma and Bachelor’s degree holders.

9. Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria Certification (CTIN)

This professional body is awarded to qualified tax practitioners and it’s highly reputable in the country.

8. Chartered Institute of Bankers in Nigeria Certification (CIBNG):

Other known as CIBING, the chartered institute of bankers in Nigeria is a top professional body. It offers certification to graduate banking practitioners.

7. Nigeria Institute of Estate Surveyors and Valuers

This certificate awarding body offers short training programs to qualifying surveyors. It’s globally recognised and among the most reputed professional bodies in the country.

6. Association of National Accountant of Nigeria Certification (ANAN)

This institute is the best professional body for accounting scholars in Nigeria. It gives certification to qualifying candidates who can apply with either their HND or BSc certificate.

5. Business Education Exams Council Certification

This Institute is among the top 5 professional bodies in Nigeria. It certifies qualifying private and public scholars in this sector.

4. Center for Law and Business Certification

This certificate supplying body certifies qualifying entrepreneurs through its intensive coursework. It is recommended for professionals interested in business.

3. Certified Pension Institute of Nigeria Certification (CPIN)

Certified Pension Institute of Nigeria Certification shortly known as CPIN was specifically designed to certify pensioners. It’s open for graduates in all fields of study and runs intensive practical coursework.

2. Chartered Institute of Marketing of Nigeria Certification (CIM)

Missing the top spot, The Chartered Institute of Marketing of Nigeria Certification is the second top professional body in the country. It certifies qualifying candidates from all angles of marketing and is available for all graduates in the country.

1. Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (CIPM)

Beating others on the list, the crown of the best professional body in Nigeria goes to The Chartered Institute of personnel management of Nigeria. Previously known as Association for Practitioner personnel management, this institute offers certification to prospective personnel management practitioners.

Final Words on Top 20 Professional Courses in Nigeria

Getting a professional certification is a major step in one’s career development. These certifications offered by professional bodies are one of the paramount factors most companies consider when employing workers and thus can be the decider of who gets the job or not. This post list the top 20 professional bodies in Nigeria on basis of relevance and global recognition.

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