How to Transfer Airtel Airtime to Another SIM with Easy Steps

Transfer Airtime on Airtel: Do you know you can transfer airtime from your Airtel sim to another Airtel sim easily? If you have an Airtel line and wish to transfer your extra airtime to your friends and family using Airtel, then welcome to our page.

Today’s article on how to Transfer Airtime on Airtel will teach you in details everything you need to know no how to transfer airtime to other Airtel users.

Airtel with over 60 million subscribers in Nigeria is one of the largest telecommunication networks in the country. With over 60 million subscribers, Airtel remains one of the top telecommunications networks in Nigeria. The Airtel network offers 2G, 3G, and even 4G wireless networks to its users, making it one of the most sorts after telecommunications networks in Nigeria.

Sometimes your friends or family may ask for an Airtime top-up from you, maybe you don’t want to already have plans for the money in your bank account and may not have cash at the moment but you have more than enough airtime balance on your Airtel line, confused on what to do next?

Why not transfer airtime to them from your airtime balance! Let’s take you through step-by-step instructions on how to transfer Airtel airtime to another sim.

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Things you need to Know about Airtel airtime Transfer

Airtel Me2U is the service that enables you to transfer Airtel airtime to another airtel sim.

NOTE: Me2U transactions are irreversible, so be sure before you make transactions. Always confirm the airtel number you want to send airtime to, before sending it.

What is Airtel Me2U?

Me2U is a special Airtel service that enables Airtel users to transfer airtime from their airtime balance to other Airtel users. Using the Airtel Me2U transfer code, you can transfer airtime to your friends and family using the airtel network.

NOTE: The maximum amount of transferable airtime daily is N5000.

How To Transfer Airtime from an Airtel sim to another Airtel sim

To transfer your airtime to your friends and family from your airtel airtime balance, follow the outlined step below correctly;

Create a Me2U Transfer PIN

To make use of the airtel Me2U service, a Me2U transfer PIN has to be created. There exist a default PIN that comes with your Airtel sim. The default Me2U PIN is “1234”, this PIN cannot be used to transfer airtime yet until it is changed to your personalized PIN.

How to create your airtel Me2U transfer PIN

2 methods can be used to create your Me2U transfer PIN: USSD and Text message methods.

USSD Method

  • Dial *432# using your mobile phone
  • Select 3 from the displayed option
  • Select the CHANGE PIN option.
  • Enter the default PIN ” 1234″ and send.
  • Enter your New 4 digit PIN.

PIN created! You are good to go!

SMS Method

  • Open the messaging app on your mobile telephone
  • Create a text message with the format “Type PIN+Default-PIN+New-PIN” E.g ” Type PIN 1234 5555″
  • Send a message to 432.
  • Confirm the Request. You’ll receive a message to show you’ve successfully changed the PIN.

PIN created! You are good to go!

NOTE: If you’ve forgotten your four(4) digit Me2U PIN, you can always call the Airtel customer care line “111” for assistance.

How to Transfer Airtel airtime to other Airtel Lines

Having successfully created your Me2U Transfer PIN, you can now transfer Airtel airtime to other Airtel lines, here’s how:

  • Dial *432# using your mobile phone with the Airtel line you wish to transfer from.
  • Select the transfer airtime option.
  • Input the Airtel number you’re transferring airtime to.
  • Enter your Me2U PIN;
  • Reply with option 1 to confirm the transaction.

Using Text Message

  • Use the Airtel number you wish to transfer from
  • Send a text with the format “2u (Phone Number) (Amount) (PIN)” E.g 2u 08023456789 1000 5555
  • Send a text message to “432”

NOTE: This service costs N10 for every successful transaction.

How to request Airtel Airtime from friends and family

Did you know you can request Airtime top-up from your friends using the Airtel line? Well, now you do!

This service is called the “Credit me service” It allows Airtel users to request airtime from friends and family.

Follow the steps below to use this service:

  • Dail *141*8*recipient number# using your airtel line.
  • “Please Credit Me” text message will be sent to the recipient number.

We believe you’ve gained a lot from this article on Transfer Airtime on Airtel. Now you can share your Airtel airtime balance with your friends and family and can also request airtime from your Airtel user friends.

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